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SOLID – 1 Piece Construction

Strong, Durable, Long-Lasting

Bass Hunter 1 Piece Construction

Other Boats

WEAK – 2 Piece Construction

Flimsy, Weak, Noisy

Stapled Construction

Built to Catch Fish – Built to Last! 

Bass Hunter boats are superior in every way. On-piece molded construction makes our boats stable, sturdy, quite and long-lasting. Maneuverable and transportable, all Bass Hunter boats will fit in the back of a full-sized size pick-up truck. Bass Hunter’s features add built-in comfort for the best fishing experience available. And, you can customize your boat with Bass Hunter Accessories!

Compact, yet roomy and loaded with features and the long-lasting durability of one-piece construction.
Comes with Bucket Seat and Standard Seat Base

  • 96″ L  x  51″ W  x  18″ H
  • Weight 130 lbs.
  • Persons – 400 lbs.
  • Persons, Gear, Motor – 475 lbs.
  • Maximum Horsepower – 2.0



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Our largest boat, loaded with all the features that make Bass Hunter the ultimate 2-man boat.
Comes with Bucket Seat and Standard Seat Base

  • 120″ L  x  54″ W  x  18″ H
  • Weight 166 lbs.
  • Persons – 460 lbs.
  • Persons, Gear, Motor – 550 lbs.
  • Maximum Horsepower – 3.5



Call to Order (662) 448-0292


Take your fishing experience to a new level with Bass Hunter Accessories custom engineered for Bass Hunter Boats

Bass Hunter Accessories & Parts

Transom Mount Extension

Transom Extension Bracket

Bucket Seat Kit

Bucket Seat Kit

Bucket Seat

Bass Hunter Bucket Seat

Standard Seat Base

Bass Hunter Base

Seat Mounting Kit

Baby Bass 2 Wheel Kit

Bass Baby Wheel Kit

Storage Lid and Bag

Storage Lid and Bag

Bass Hunter Drain Plug

Drain Plug

Bas Hunter Lure Protectors

Lure Protectors

Bass Hunter Video

See the difference that 1-piece construction makes and why Bass Hunter is the best 2-man boat available.

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Bass Hunter

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